AcroYoga Post-Festival New Year 2021 /2022

January 9 - 10, 2022 (2 days)
Main Festival

Are you up for 2 extra days of Acro with Alfonso & Alberto?

After the Dutch AcroYoga Festival New Year ’21/22, Alfonso and Alberto will lighten you up with Icarian & Standing training during the DAYF POST-intensive

Are you in for more Icarian & Standing guided training by the two fantastic teachers Alberto and Alfonso? Then attend the DAYF POST-intensive! The POST-Festival extends your Acro festival with another 2 days of training. If you combine it with the main event  (Dutch AcroYoga Festival NEW YEAR 2021/2022) you will have 9 days full of Acro! The POST-Festival will be held in Leiden, 15km away form the main festival.

Alfonso and Alberto are from Spain & Mexico. They will share their skills with a select group of people (maximum 24).

For Who?

Alfonso and Alberto come to teach a mix of Icarian & Standing. They’re looking forward to meeting you, get to know you and train with all of you!

For the intermediate and advanced AcroYogi or Acrobat.

🔸 Icarian
 In icarian games there is a full release, meaning it’s for many people the most exciting type of acro by far. You’ll learn the technique required to execute them confidently and safely.
🔸 Standing
Standing Acrobatics, flying higher in the air is even more fun than L-basing 🙂

🔸 Icarian
Experience in icarian games, at least:
– Straight throws: Bird to bird and Throne to throne
– Fluid pops from Throne to Bird and vice versa
– Rev Handspring (Rev. Star to Throne)

🔸 Standing
– High Bird
– Solid 2 High
– 30 sec Handstand against the wall
– 20 sec Foot to Hand in L-basing
– 20 sec Tuck sit in L-basing

If you don’t meet the pre-req’s, you’re more than welcome at the main festival (and train for this awesome stuff ;-)).

Icarian AL & AL

Time Schedule / Accommodation / Food

Time Schedule
January 9: 11.00 – 14.00 & 16.00 – 19.00
January 10: 11.00 – 14.00 & 16:00 – 19.00
Jam time in the evening.

The Post-Festival will be held on January 9 – 10 at AcroYoga Moves in Leiden. We have the training space day and night, so there will plenty of time to train all the stuff they teach you with a nice and cosy group.
Sleeping spots are included in the price (it’s also possible to checkin the evening of January 8 and you can leave the morning of January 11, so you are flexible with traveling and you can combine it with the Main festival).

While food is inlcuded during the main festival, it is not during the Pre-Festival. AcroYoga Moves is settled in the centre of Leiden, so many options to get yourself a nice meal!

Alfonso & Alberto

We’re super happy that again we will get an amazing teacher couple over to the Netherlands. Alfonso & Alberto, an acrobatic duo from Spain and Mexico, will lead the POST-Festival. They’re living the circus artist life!

Read more about Alfonso & Alberto at the teacher page.


PRICES 2-day ticket:
Early Bird* € 120,-
Normal € 135,-

Already purchased a full Main Festival Ticket (6/7 days)?
Or are you a teacher at the Main Festival?
Enjoy the following discounted price (2-day ticket):

Early Bird* € 100,-
Normal € 115,-

*Early Bird ends December 1 or after the first 12 tickets sold


If you unfortunately can’t attend the festival anymore, please contact us!
Tickets are refundable, but we will ask for administration costs:
Until December 1, we keep € 30.
From December 2, tickets are non-refundable.

NOTE I: Tickets are non-transferable.
NOTE II: For our COVID-19 policy, go here.


Register by fill-in out this form.

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Postal code: 2032 VC
City: Haarlem
Country: The Netherlands
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For questions send an e-mail to:


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We added an extra cancellation policy to ensure you can safely buy your ticket for the upcoming editions of Dutch AcroYoga Festival.

For our COVID-19 policy, go here.

Dutch AcroYoga Festival

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Dutch AcroYoga Festival

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