AcroYoga Pre-Festival Summer 2021

AUGUST 13 -14, 2021 (2 days)
Main Festival

Are you up for 2 extra days of Acro with Pri & Jen?

Before the Dutch AcroYoga Festival Summer ’21, there is the Pre-Festival!
2 full days, with:

  • Whips & Whippops
  • Icarian games
  • Evening Jam time

Are you in for a lot of whips and icarian games guided by the two fantastic teachers Pri and Jen? Then attend the Pre-Festival! The Pre-Festival will give you an awesome start for the main festival (Dutch AcroYoga Festival Summer 2021). If you combine it with the main event you will have 9 days full of Acro! And… if you add the Post, you will have 11 days full of Acro with the best teachers 😉


The Pre-Festival will be held on August 13 – 14 at the same venue as the DAYF Summer ’21.

Pri and Jen are coming all the way from the Spain. They have a huge amount of experience in teaching whips, whippops and icarian games on different levels. They will share their skills with a select group of people (maximum 30).


For Who?

For the intermediate and advanced AcroYogi or Acrobat.

The pre-festival with Pri and Jen is focused on some of the most dynamic acro movements such as:

🔸 Whips
🔸 Whip-pops
🔸 Icarian Games
You will play with the 3 disciplines and mix them up in order to create fun flows that transition between one another. You will progress step by step to advanced tricks in a way so gradual and fun that you will be able to get even more complex skills that used to look out of reach!
Pri and Jen will also teach the appropriate spotting techniques in order to offer you a safe and fun learning experience.

Pri and Jen’s teaching method is based on the idea that the best way to learn is to have fun and experience things on your own. This is why they always thrive to have their students participate as much as possible in the learning process and they try to give them as much practice time as possible.

Make sure you meet all the prereq’s (check them at the topics below!)

If you don’t meet the pre-req’s, you’re more than welcome at the main festival (and train for this awesome stuff ;-)).


Experience in whips, at least the basic series. See:

Description: Whips are a more specialized and challenging type of l-basing. They require sensitivity to very fine movements. They can be difficult to teach, but Pri and Jen have years of experience breaking down these moves and making them accessible.


Experience in whips,
at least the basic series. See:

It would be nice if you can do some whip-pops, for example Tarzan to throne. But don’t worry if you don’t meet this Prerequisite, Pri and Jen can split the group in two. See:

Description: Whip-pops are an even more specialized and challenging type of l-basing. They also require sensitivity to very fine movements and often need a lot of training. They can be difficult to teach, but Pri and Jen will help to making them accessible by breaking down these moves.

Icarian games

Experience in icarian games, at least:
– Straight throws: bird to bird and throne to throne
– Fluid pops from throne to bird and vice versa

Description: in icarian games there is a full release, meaning it’s for many people the most exciting type of acro by far. You’ll learn the technique required to execute them confidently and safely.

Pri & Jen DAYF
DAYF Pre Summer

Time Schedule / Accommodation / Food

Time Schedule
August 13: 10.00 – 13.00 & 15.00 – 18.00
August 14: 10.00 – 13.00 & 15:00 – 18.00
Jam time in the evening.

The Pre-Festival will be held on August 13 – 14 at the same venue as the DAYF Summer ’21 in one of the gyms. We have the training space day and night, so there will plenty of time to train all the stuff they teach us with a nice and cosy group.
Sleeping spots are included in the price.

During the main festival all food is included, but during the Pre-Festival you will have to organise it yourself. There are shops around the venue.

Pri and Jen

Pri and Jen are both Acro Revolution certified teachers. When they started practicing together, Pri and Jenny directly felt a strong connection and a shared vision focused on the investigation of new and fluid dynamic movements. They love all kinds of whipping movements, and especially its momentum to create fluidity. They’re always looking for new combinations and new synergetic movements. They’re whips, whip-pops, and Icarians fanatics. Since she was a child, Jennifer has been in love with movement. She’s explored all types of activities such as dancing, climbing, yoga, and so on, before settling her heart on acro. Pri has more than 7 years of experience in acro and since the beginning, he focused on dynamic transitions. All this time he has organized intensive and advanced acroyoga workshops, as well as taken part in retreats, festivals, and meetings. Their latest workshops are part of a successful tour that is taking them to the main European cities to share their passion and knowledge on fluid dynamic transitions.

Pri and Jen
Pri & Jen DAYF

Ticket Prices

PRICES 2-day ticket:
Early Bird* € 110,-
Normal € 125,-

Already purchased a Main Festival Ticket (7 days)?
Or are you a teacher at the Main Festival?
Enjoy the following discounted price (2-day ticket):

Early Bird** € 90,-
Normal € 105,-


* Early Bird, until: June 1, or first 15 tickets.

If you unfortunately can’t attend the festival anymore, please contact us!
Tickets are refundable, but we will ask for administration costs:
Until July 1, we keep € 30.
From July 1, tickets are non-refundable.

NOTE I: Tickets are non-transferable.
NOTE II: For our COVID-19 policy, go here.


Registration form

Bank account: NL40SNSB0925977055
Name: Turn and Twist
Description: ‘Your name’, DAYF Summer 2021 PRE

For questions send an e-mail to:

Icarians Pri and Jen


We added an extra cancellation policy to ensure you can safely buy your ticket for the upcoming editions of Dutch AcroYoga Festival.

For our COVID-19 policy, go here.

€ 20 Discount

Main festival

Dutch AcroYoga Festival

Agenda / Overview

Dutch AcroYoga Festival

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