Dutch AcroYoga Festival Spring 2022

April 29-May 08, 2022
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9-Day Festival

Sharing our passion with you through Dutch AcroYoga Festival Spring 2022

Oh yes! Another brand new festival edition is coming up: the Dutch AcroYoga Festival Spring 2022 which will be held on April 29 – May 08. It will be 9 full days of Acro with many national and international teachers. We love to build the community bigger and stronger, and let you as individual grow and blossom too.

DAYF group pic
Group picture

For Who?

It’s an all level festival and so for everybody. You will find experienced AcroYogi’s and acrobats doing amazing stuff, but also beginners that make their first flights, as we have beginner workshops every round.

If you’re completely new to AcroYoga, we do recommend you to have at least 5 to 10 classes.

And hey, you don’t need to bring a partner, because you’ll meet loads of friends to play with you at the festival! 

DAYF location
DAYF location 2

Dutch AcroYoga Festival Spring Venue

 The Dutch AcroYoga Festival Spring 2022 will be held on April 29 – May 08 at the beautiful and easy-reachable sports centre ActiveStay in the Goirle (The Netherlands). This awesome place has a big separate halls fully floored with tatami (400m² & during afternoon we have one or two extra halls of 200m²). There will be lines and belts (longes) and the possibility to jam all night long.
There is the possibility to book your ticket including a 2, 6 or 8 person dorm, with nice and soft beds. You could also come with your camper (limited spots available), or camp at a campsite on a 10 minute walk.

DAYF 2 person sleeping room

Tijvoortsebaan 1
5051 HJ Goirle

The Netherlands



We’re super happy that our lovely cook Eveline Delnooz will take care of our tummies! Eveline is an awesome cook who’s used to cook for big groups of AcroYogi’s and acrobats that do not only need a full plate of deliciousness, but also need it to be rich in nutritions. And that’s exactly what Eveline will take care of. She will be supported by a group of amazing Karma Yogi’s that will cut our veggies with love! Shout out to the cook and the Karma Yogi’s!


If you don’t stay at the venue itself, please bring your own plates, cups, and cutlery so you don’t have to eat with your hands…


DAYF Food 2


Enjoy the luxury of having your own bed during the festival!

You can book a 2 person sleeping room with a private bathroom (only one available), or you can book a 6 or 8 person sleeping dorm.

You can only book accommodation together with a half or full festival ticket.

A linen package could be rented. It includes a blanket, pillow, sheets and two towels.

It’s also possible to park your camper at the back of the building and sleep there, in this case you can book your ticket without accommodation.

Do you like camping and having a short walk to and from the venue every day? You could stay at the campsite which is a 10-minute walk away.
Book your ticket without accommodation if you would like to sleep in you own tent. You can e-mail the camping yourself and mention you’ll join DAYF, so you will get a good discount. You will only pay €12,50 / night (including tent, electricity,  water, showers, toilets and Wifi).

Ut Paradèske
Monique van Amelsfoort-Bertens
Poppelseweg 11
5051 PL Goirle

DAYF 2 person sleeping room
DAYF 6 person dorm
DAYF Teachers
Teachers Group picture

Your teachers at the Dutch AcroYoga Festival Spring 2022

Confirmed teachers

Wybren Wouda (NL)
Mati & Paulina (CL)
Evan Josef Cohn (USA)
Trevor & Sytske (NL)
Pacôme & Caroline (FR/BE)
Lennert & Yvonne (NL)
TBA soon.

For more information about the teachers, have a look at the DAYF Teacher page.
This page will be updated regularly!

As in every edition, we will make sure there will be an amazing skilful and high quality teacher team again! We got 9 days to train and connect, and so there will be many national and international teachers and workshops to choose from. 


Whippops, Icarians & Standing from Chile by Mati & Paulina.

Standing Acrobatics from the Netherlands by Wybren Wouda.

Mati & Paulina Spring 22
Wybren Wouda spring 22

Preliminary AcroYoga Spring 2022 Schedule

Start: April 29 15:00
End: May 08: 19:00

The Spring schedule will come soon. Here you’ll find an example of a Dutch AcroYoga Festival schedule: 
Dutch AcroYoga Festival Summer 2021 Schedule
The schedule will be similar.


DAYF Schedule Example

Jacuzzi & Sauna

A jacuzzi and sauna will be there to help you recover after your training!

DAYF sauna
DAYF Jakuzzi

We love mantra’s…

A mantra is a sacred group of words that can be sung as part of Bhakti Yoga, devotional singing. It’s one of the aspects of yoga and AcroYoga that allows people to connect with themselves and with the people and world around. We absolutely love to chant mantra’s in the circles, because it creates an atmosphere of solidarity and togetherness from which a group can blossom and flow. It will make your AcroYoga practice better and better with this extra bit of juice!

Ticket Prices

Pice list Spring
DAYF Registration


If you unfortunately can’t attend the festival anymore, please contact us!
Tickets are refundable, but we ask administration costs.
Until January 31, we keep € 70
From February 1, until March 15, we keep € 140
From March 16, it’s non-refundable.

NOTE I: Tickets are non-transferable.
NOTE II: For our no-risk COVID-19 policy, go here.
  • Food is included in the ticket price.
  • Sleeping You can book a 2, 6 or 8 person dorm or sleep somewhere else (caravan spot behind the building is free).
  • Karma yogi’s will get € 15 discount each day (for exact prices see table). You will have about 1,5/2hr karma work a day. We try to plan your task in a way that you can follow all the workshops, but it might happen that your duty is partly during a workshop.
  • Super Early Bird until: January 31 or the first 25 tickets sold.
    Early Bird until: March 15 or the first 50 tickets sold.
  • everybody gets 1 or 2 KarmaYogi tasks (1h) depending on how long you stay.
  • You need to pay your full festival ticket by bank transfer.


Register by filling out this form. 

Bank account (IBAN): NL40SNSB0925977055
Name: Turn and Twist
Description: ‘Your name’, DAYF New Year ’21/22, ‘Date(s) joining’ 

For questions send an e-mail to: info@dutchacroyogafestival.com

DAYF registration 2


We added an extra cancellation policy so you can safely buy your ticket for the upcoming editions of Dutch AcroYoga Festival.

Your health and safety is what we care about most and we only want to keep the festival as safe as possible for everyone. We will always follow the advice and measures of the RIVM and the Dutch government and might take further measures by our own insight.

Read more about our concerns and the COVID-19 policy here.

Dutch AcroYoga Festival

Lu Gia Jen

Dutch AcroYoga Festival Spring 2022

April 29-May 08, 2022
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to the DAYF Spring,  April 29 – May 08, 2022








Dutch AcroYoga Festival

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