Dutch AcroYoga Festival

By Lennert & Yvonne
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August 7 – 10: Dutch AcroYoga Festival – Summer Edition XL 2020
August 11 – 14: Dutch AcroYoga Festival Summer POST Intensive!

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Our Story

Sharing our passion with you through four Dutch AcroYoga Festival each year

We, Lennert and Yvonne, love to share our passion for AcroYoga with you as much and as often as possible, and that’s why they organise four AcroYoga festival editions each year! We are both certified Yoga and AcroYoga teachers and teach weekly AcroYoga Classes in Leiden, The Hague and Haarlem

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Workshops & Levels

There will be multiple workshops every round, so you can choose a workshop you like and that fits your level. Before the workshops starts, there will be presentations of the workshops to show the content of the workshops and the prerequisites. Since we have multiple workshops it’s also possible to join the Festival without any experience. The teachers that give the beginners workshop are happy to teach you the basics as well. And the good thing, you don’t need to bring a partner! There are enough friends to play with. In the warming-up there will be games were you already get in touch with the other participants.

Mantra’s at Dutch AcroYoga Festival

A mantra is a sacred group of words that can be sung as part of Bhakti Yoga, devotional singing. It’s one of the aspects of yoga and AcroYoga that allows people to connect with themselves and with the people and world around. We love to chant mantra’s in the the circles, because it creates an atmosphere of solidarity and togetherness from which a group can blossom and flow.

Next Edition

The next edition of the Dutch AcroYoga Festival coming up: Summer Edition 2020 will be held on August 7,8, 9 & 10.

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Teachers at Dutch AcroYoga Festival

Every edition of the Dutch AcroYoga Festival you’ll find different high quality AcroYoga teachers, so you can explore several AcroYoga and teaching styles. There will be special guest teachers from abroad to share their specialities, and of course plenty of our own Dutch talented teachers will be present. Have a look at the next edition for more information about the teachers the upcoming edition!

Next Dutch AcroYoga Festival Edition

August 7,8,9,10; 2020
Next Edition


To next festival, Summer Edition, August 7-10 , 2020








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